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Spas & Wellness

Enjoying A Relaxing Experience

At our spas and wellness centres, we avail our clients the opportunity to refresh themselves while making use of numerous natural and mineral springs. We also provide them with a means to be properly taken care of and pampered. Our spa gives our clients the best and luxurious spa treatment to ensure they get their desired relaxation.

At New England North West, we make use of Artesian water. Historically, this water has been said to have been in existence for over two million years. It is popularly believed and widely known by many cultures to possess healing powers. There is said to be the presence of minerals in the water. This rich water can be found underground, flowing around a mile from the Great Artesian Basin, and this is where it derives its name.

Asides from minerals, the Artesian water contains other nutritious contents such as calcium, potassium, sulphur bicarbonate, etc. In turn, all these nutrients get absorbed into your skin to ensure that damaged tissues are properly repaired and help your body fight infirmities.

In our care package or spa and wellness services, we use balneotherapy, which uses the mineral springs to treat different diseases. We would help immerse you in the hot Artesian water of about 41 degrees Celsius that is mineral-rich to rehydrate your skin. Some of the other benefits why we make use of the Artesian water includes.

  • It helps to detoxify the lymphatic system
  • It helps you relax your muscles, thereby relieving joint pain and helping with arthritic problems.
  • It helps to calm the nerves and relax deeply
  • It can also prove useful for people who have difficulty with sleeping.
  • It also enhances a free and healthy circulation of blood through all the massages and spa treatments
  • The water helps relieve you of popular problems relating to the skin such as psoriasis, eczema etc.

The Artesian water flows further into the Pilliga, a village roughly about 56 kilometres from Wee Waa. The Bore Baths have been in existence for well over a century. In a bid to solve the issue of proximity, you would mostly find our facility just around the water, in places like east of the Pilliga village. We also have a spa complex which comprises a hot spa pool with Artesian water in Boomi. There is also a wedding pool with cool Artesian water and an Olympic pool, which is half-sized.

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