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Knowing Our Regions

Right here in our region, you get to experience every main and side attraction that New England North West has to offer. Our offerings come in a customised package and offer up lots of items to view and participate to ensure that our customers get the best experience. Embedded in our offerings is also awesome accommodation as well as top-notch events, all available within our region.

At New England North West, our region is quite strategic. It extends from the highway down to the outback edge alp in New England, and it further entails the range which divides Tenterfield and Tamworth. Our region further includes River valleys in Inverell: Gwydir and Namoi; Narrabri as well as Moree. And lastly, the frontier towns of Lightning Ridge and Walgett to the Wild West. Our region is intersected by Highways of New England, Newell, and Gwydir. These intersections and crossings are properly serviced from Brisbane and Sydney.

Currently, our region is a cotton-producing farm region; it also extends to wheat, nuts, and wool production. Additionally, the region has onboard an animal farm largely concentrated on sheep and cattle rearing. In Australia, there are many farm shows, the largest of them all being Ag Quip. In turn, since we are currently offering a wide range of activities, exercises, and side attractions at New England North West, it is the perfect and ideal location or destination for your holidays, hangouts, etc.

The regional tourist office functions as the overall tourist office for the England region. The Armidale region is quite known for its very rich history as regards the settlement of Europeans. It is particularly endowed with lots of artistic buildings that showcase the heritage; the cathedrals are elegant and quite stunning.

The Celtic country known as Glen Innes Severn is a region quite endowed with so many attractions from nature, and it is perfectly blended to suit most of all ages. For Tenterfield, it is still the most significant of all the regions that have retained its history regarding the European settlements with its elegant landmarks and buildings.

The Inverell region has many attractions that permit tourists, visitors, and passers-by to take in the whole experience in diverse ways. For Guyra, its landscape is captivating from every angle and view.

Every one of our farming centres has its unique appeal right from Tenterfield to Narrabri to Moore. Asides from all these, they’re also way bigger centres and National parks which you can explore, alongside extensive farmland.

Still, in most of our regions, we have an amazing opportunity for fossicking and fishing. The extension of our regions is all so welcoming to all and sundry. No matter where you are, you can be assured of a warm welcome at our regions.

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